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We celebrated sweet Arya’s first birthday with a family session. It was so much fun to see the family again.

Arya is such a bubbly little girl, if I even looked at her she busted out a big smile. I can’t help but smile back at her. It’s easy to see where she gets it from once you meet her big sisters. Zoe and Claire are quite the chatterboxes. The whole world is funny when you are their age.

I’ve been using this spot at Stoney Creek for a few years no, but I’ve changed the way I approach it and it’s become my favorite place to work.

When I gear up for a family session, the goal is to keep it fun and fast. If we don’t move quick, I’ll lose the kids attention fast. So we start with some simple posed photos, once we get the kids running around and wild it’s going to be hard to reign them in again.

After those sweet posed photos, we will work thru some movement, holding hands, walking, maybe some snuggles between Mom and Dad while the kids run around.

I love some sitting poses, we can start again with everyone looking. Then we tickle, we talk about who has the stinkiest feet, or the messiest room. Who is the loudest, who yells the most (sorry Mom’s it’s always us!). Either way, I want to get the kids laughing and interacting. That’s the best way to ensure those true genuine smiles. And while hair might be a little messy, or they might have a grass stain on their clothes. It’s worth it for a true, genuine, smile isn’t it?

As I was editing my way thru The Lewis Family session, I could still hear the giggles as the girls ran circles around their parents. Or how they were squealing when Dad was tickling them.

If you’d like to see Arya at her newborn session, you can see that blog post here.

Enjoy some photos from their Family Session!

entire family candid photos
girl in blue dress
girl in red dress
birthday session
family session
family session
mom and daughters
mom and daughters
dad with daughters
mom and dad at family session
mom and dad at family session
family session
girls playing in field