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So what is newborn photography you ask? Well, as a newborn photographer in the Metro-Detroit area for over 10 years, let’s talk about it.

When you explore the world of photography, there is so many different niches in existence. Newborn, kids milestones, maternity, birth, family, wedding, engagement, party, branding or headshots, sports, school. I could honestly go on and on.

Newborn photography specifically is a niche where we capture your new baby, anywhere between birth and 4 weeks old. For me, I like them about 2-3 weeks new. There can be some blurred lines, some will photograph anywhere between birth and 3 months, which is often the first “milestone” area. But for me, I think it ends when baby isn’t as sleepy and flexible as they are those first few weeks. So much of their features change in just the first month, I want to capture them at that age.

It is a challenging genre. I am often applauded by parents for my patience while I’m perfecting fingers and toes on little clients. But safe posing is such a passion of mine, rushing through a session just doesn’t get the perfect results I want in my art. Posing newborns requires a lot of training, mastery of lighting, wrapping, soothing, reading a baby’s cues (distinguishing between hungry, uncomfortable, tired, gassy etc).

My Studio

I run a professional studio in Mount Clemens, Michigan. I specialize in maternity, newborn and cake smash sessions. The majority of what you see while at my studio is stocked for newborns. I have spent over 10 years in this industry building a collection of backdrops, props, wraps, headbands, hats and little pieces to add to setups to create the artwork you see in my galleries. You don’t have to bring anything with you, including outfits for Moms, I have a client closet you are welcome to pull something from.

Newborn photography encompasses not only posing a newborn. It should also include parents and sibling poses as well. If you have multiple kids, you know it’s tough getting them to sit still and hold a baby. A skilled photographer will pull tricks out of her camera bag to keep the session moving at a quick pace to avoid kids losing focus.

What does it take to be a newborn photographer?

It requires safe posing as well. New babies are parents most prized treasure. Safety measures are always taken to keep babies comfortable when posing in props as well as table posing. Knowing how the body moves, what can cause airway blockages when posing, how to monitor temperature to keep baby comfortable. Making sure poses keep circulation flowing well, and how to identify when baby needs to move around again.

There is a ton of details that go into newborn photography. I could spend an entire day answering the question “what is newborn photography”. But the magic is truly in a session. I love hearing the parents gasp and ahhh over watching their little one molded into sweet little sleepy poses. Watching moms fall in love with their husbands all over again as he cradles their sweet newborn.

Every second spent with your precious newborn is what tells me I am building my dream job. Enjoy scrolling through Leo’s newborn gallery below. If you find yourself expecting, reach out and get on my calendar! Let’s create some magic for your family as well!

what is newborn photography?
what is newborn photography?
what is newborn photography?