The arrival of your newborn is a magical and fleeting moment in your growing family’s journey, and choosing your newborn photographer is a big part of holding onto those memories. It’s a time full of boundless love and tender emotions. Newborn photography has emerged as an art form that beautifully captures these early days. Unlike any other type of photography, newborn photography demands a unique set of skills. Sensitivity, and understanding of both photography and infant behavior.

Creating a Comfortable Environment for Newborns

Setting the stage for a successful newborn photoshoot begins with creating a cozy and safe studio environment. Newborns are incredibly sensitive to their surroundings, so maintaining a warm and soothing atmosphere is crucial. A controlled studio temperature, soft lighting, and soothing background music can help keep babies calm and relaxed throughout their session. Using wraps, blankets, and props that mimic the snugness of the womb can create a sense of comfort for the baby.

My professional studio in Mt Clemens, Michigan has all of these elements. I keep the studio temperature warm for all guests. Because I use a small heater in the working area, I can keep baby the perfect temperature. I’ve spent years curating a collection of wraps, outfits and props that perfectly supports them. Surrounding them in the comforts they need to be relaxed and calm, helps a session go smoothly. This is great for my clients. You arrive to your session with the knowledge that we are set up for success.

Posing Techniques and Safety Measures

Posing newborns requires a delicate balance between capturing their tiny features and ensuring their safety. As an experienced newborn photographer, I’ve worked hard to master the art of posing. Ways that emphasize the baby’s delicate beauty without causing any discomfort or harm. From the classic “froggy” pose to the “bum-up” position, each pose is crafted to showoff your newborn’s sweet little features. As a result, safety is of paramount importance at the studio. As your photographer, I’m well-versed in safe posing practices. Ensuring that the baby’s neck and spine are always supported and that their airways remain clear.

To keep my posing safety front and center, I attend workshops every year with some of the biggest names in our industry to continue learning. If you’ve ever had a newborn session done, there are poses that shouldn’t be done in one image. That sweet froggy pose everyone loves to much, should ALWAYS be done in two images. No newborn should ever support themselves that way. So beyond the knowledge of how to keep your newborn safe, comes a required know how in editing as well. A photographer that can pose those images safely as well as easily piece them together later in photoshop is a must have when choosing who you work with.

Understanding Baby Anatomy and Limitations

A deep understanding of newborn anatomy is essential for successful posing. Newborns are not yet able to support their own heads, and their joints are incredibly flexible. We must know how to pose the baby in ways that do not strain their developing muscles and ligaments. This knowledge of proper angles and posing, combined with my artist’s eye, allows me to create stunning images of your newborn. While prioritizing your baby’s well-being.

When choosing your newborn photographer (hopefully that’s me!), remember, newborn photography is a delicate art that requires a unique blend of technical skills. It’s not just about clicking a camera. It’s about capturing the purest and most fleeting moments of a new life safely. The comfortable environment, mastery of safe posing techniques, and a deep understanding of newborn anatomy come together. Creating photographs that families will cherish for a lifetime.

choosing your newborn photographer
choosing your newborn photographer