Why prints could be right for you

The nostalgia that floods my soul when my clients pick up framed artwork, sends me back to days of walking the halls of my grandma’s house, or my mom’s house.  Where years of family portraits were collaged on walls.  Family members still with us, or watching over us.  Watching kids grow, and families change.  It’s a sense of where you came from, the people who helped mold you into the person you are today. 

I get it, we have the best of intentions with digitals.  We’ve entered into a world of immediate satisfaction with cell phones.  Photography has come a long way from film.  But true art hasn’t changed.  It belongs on the walls, in an album on the coffee table.  It’s gifts for family that live out of state.  It’s heirlooms for future generations. 

Who knows where the digital world is heading. So much has changed over the last decade when it comes to technology. Computers rarely have CD drives anymore, and sometimes not even USB ports. What will happen to “cloud storage” in the next decade?  And what happens when those current storage methods crash?

Those old floppy discs of years past are obsolete, USB drives aren’t guaranteed to last forever.

I don’t want my clients to have to worry about what happened to those pesky digital files, did they remember to download them? What’s the password to access the cloud again? Where is a good place to print from? Will they turn out nice?

We all have the best intentions for those digital files. Every year I have new clients come to me and say “Katie! I haven’t printed digitals from my previous session, please help!”.

That’s not the case here. You get to curate a collection of images that you love.  You decide how you will display them.  And then you walk away with professionally printed products, all created with archival quality materials, and meant to last a lifetime. All you need to do is enjoy looking at them, in the hall, over the couch or fireplace, or sitting on the coffee table. 

My goal for your session is creating timeless art that will be displayed for family to see hanging throughout your home. I want your walls to have that same nostalgia that your grandparents home had. The ability to touch frames containing precious portraits of family members throughout the years.

I trust prints, I believe in prints.  And I want my clients to walk away with the best memories from their sessions, ready to proudly display in your home.



Whether you’re looking to document the last moments of your pregnancy, the first weeks of your newborn’s life, or to celebrate the milestones over the first year, I’m the Macomb County, Michigan photographer to capture the memories that make your life magical.

At my full service photography studio I’m with you from planning through ordering.  Making sure the images you love most will be delivered in gorgeous professional quality products. 

These are the memories you’ll look back on over the years with joy and wonder. They should be captured with products you’ll cherish forever.

newborn photography Katie Anton Photography

newborn babies

I’ll deliver magically-posed, timeless portraits that showcase your new little one, for you to reflect on and treasure for years to come.



As we begin to count their age in months or years instead of days and weeks, we’ll chronicle the moments you’ll never want to forget.


first birthday eating cake milestones photography Katie Anton Photography
mini maternity mom in blue dress laying on back


Capture those last few weeks before you welcome your new little one into the world.



Not only will you have that grandparent worthy image of everyone looking at the camera smiling a true smile, you’ll also have photos of the kids you know and laugh with daily.


happy family photography Katie Anton Photography
bride and groom at the altar wedding photography Katie Anton Photography

cake smash

You are celebrating the much awaited first birthday! Let’s plan the setup of your dreams to capture their big moment.


Katie Anton and her family

behind the lens

Hi, I’m Katie.

Thank you for stopping by, welcome, to Katie Anton Photography.

Over the years of raising my own three kids, I developed such a strong desire to document each moment of their life.

It amazes me to look back at photographs of them.  I didn’t see the changes day to day.  But year to year is incredible what they’ve done.  All those firsts.  The involuntary newborn smiles turned into shy teenage grins with braces.  The wobbly first steps changed into brave little toddler feet running across the playground.  We stopped measuring them in inches and started measuring them in feet.

Those days with a newborn went so fast.  I thought I’d remember their tiny fingers and toes so easily.  I traced them with fingertips during late night snuggles.  But over the course of their lives, those memories fade.

The images I have of my babies are so precious to me now as I navigate the teenage years.  The days of snuggling babies in a rocking chair are gone.

I went from mommy, to mom, to bruh in the blink of a very sleepy eye.

Now I focus on giving my clients those same images that one day they will be able to look back on and realize how blessed their life has been.

I hope you continue to explore my work.  I would love to create a custom portrait experience for your family.  Please reach out to discuss your goals!


Love Notes

She’s hands down the best. There’s nothing that you can’t ask her or there’s nothing that she would hesitate to do when it comes to you and your newborn. She settles only for the best when it comes to choosing props and poses and positions. You’re in very safe and creative hands.

Sajana Kumar

She’s very easy to work with, very accommodating, and the pictures are amazing.

Brittany Osbourne

Katie is truly exceptional! She is always patient and kind and excellent with kids. As a high stress mama, she has always made the sessions so calm and been able to capture beautiful images!

Sara Burke

Katie exceeded my every expectation and truly went the extra mile in capturing my daughters best and most beautiful shots. I am beyond thrilled with her professionalism, patience, and passion.


Katie is great! Super easy going and will work with you to find the best location for your photoshoots. She also makes you feel very comfortable when you are doing the photoshoot sessions. Katie’s little tips were very useful to get my husband and I to relax and for her to capture amazing photos of us.

Ebony Delapaz

Katie is very professional, and her work is outstanding. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my photos she’s taken. Also, she’s a baby whisperer!

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