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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Do you find yourself wondering “are cake smash photos worth it”? The answer is simple, absolutely!!!

The trend of capturing the delightful chaos through a camera lens has gained so much popularity, and for good reason. Cake smash photos capture the spirit of this major milestone. But also offer a treasure trove of memories that last a lifetime.

Cake smash photos serve as a vibrant testament to the excitement and magic of childhood. Your one year old’s innocence and uninhibited joy while diving into a cake with so much enthusiasm is nothing short of magical. Your images freeze a moment in time when the world is pure and simple. The joy derived from a sweet treat is unmatched. It’s a celebration of the transition from infancy to the toddler stage. Marking the beginning of a new chapter in your child’s journey.

Hiring a skilled photographer is important to capture the kaleidoscope of emotions. From curiosity to sheer delight – and maybe even a little nervous energy, with an adept eye. The vibrant colors of your custom designed set, the crumbly textures, and the sheer messiness all become part of a story that reflects the unique personality of your child.

Parents can look back on these images often. Reminiscing about the days when their little one was discovering the wonders of taste and texture. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, too, find joy in reliving these precious moments displayed proudly on the walls of your home. It’s surely a session that will make you smile every time you look at your prints.

So are cake smash photos worth it? Again, absolutely. These images become timeless reminders of a fleeting childhood, serving as cherished mementos for generations to come.

Mateo had an absolute blast at his cake smash session. And his mom and I laughed the entire time. Mom wanted a very simple, natural look. So I paired some pieces I had in the studio already. And made a banner from supplies at Hobby Lobby. It came together to offer Mateo an hour of fun. And he made the best of it. Starting slowly, he used just one little finger to dip into the frosting, he went face first to taste it. And soon enough he knew it was going to be good, and dove right in to make an absolute mess. We followed his cake up with a bath time splash to clean the frosting off.