After the big first birthday bash, simple birthday celebrations are the best way to document future milestones. Hazel was in for her 2 year portrait session today.

There are just some kids that make my job easy. Hazel (and her brother) are always those kids. Honestly, she was in and out in 15 minutes. She comes in, does everything I ask, and she’s out.

But these simple birthday celebrations sessions are also a piece of the puzzle. It can be so hard to keep kids on a setup. And the more extravagant the harder it gets. I’m constantly snapping away as they run around, and when I have to worry about filling in setups, or centering them in a balloon garland, it grows increasingly more difficult to capture mobile kids!

My focus in birthday sessions is just to capture kids personalities. I want their adorable smiles, their silly laughs. Maybe they’re in a phase of sticking their tongue out, or crossing their eyes when they laugh. Whatever it is, I want to grab those moments because they might be the little things that you forget about years down the road. It’s so important to document that for their keepsakes.

In birthday sessions I usually stick to a solid paper, and bring out some props for them to sit on. I’ll have them stand, and also sit on the floor. Hazel got to pick today, she chose all the chairs we used. The last chair however, I picked, because when I first met her big brother, I used a smaller version of this chair. And it stands as one of my favorite images at a birthday session. And now I make sure to get them into that chair every time they come in!

Enjoy sweet Hazel, and her simple birthday celebration photos! This is TWO!