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Sarah and Garrett first contacted me last year to be their Packard Proving Grounds wedding photographer, and I knew almost instantly at their engagement session that her vision for their wedding day is my ideal match, as a client. I got to know them better during their engagement session, and learned that they are a fun-loving couple, and kept talking about how the main thing they wish to accomplish with their wedding day celebration is to encompass that word, “fun,” into every aspect.

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Sarah and Garrett met through some mutual friends, and both grew up very active and playing sports. She played basketball, and he played football. Since then, they’ve been sharing their passions with each other; Sarah is now an avid fantasy football fan thanks to Garrett, and Garrett now loves music on vinyl, thanks to Sarah. It sounds cliche to say that they are truly each other’s best friend, but for this couple I honestly couldn’t describe their relationship any other way.

Their wedding day came along, and ran without a hitch. The girls all looked beautiful, and the set of groomsmen were probably my all time favorite group I’ve ever worked with. Being able to hang out with their fun friends was a highlight of my evening as their Packard Proving Grounds wedding photographer. 

The Packard Proving Grounds is such a cool venue. The historic element of the grounds, mixed with the awesome antique cars amidst the property makes for endless photographic opportunities available around every turn. I could shoot hundreds of weddings there, and have them all look unique and different because of all the variety offered there. It offers a year round beauty, and is such a great hidden gem of the Metro Detroit area, and I’m so glad that it’s so close to me and Mt. Clemens photography studio. I hope you enjoy this preview into Sarah and Garrett’s wedding day, when they hired Katie Anton Photography as their Packard Proving Grounds wedding photographer. If you are located in the Metro Detroit area and are on the hunt for a wedding photographer, I would love to chat with you!

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