All I asked of Isla was to sit in front of her pastel balloon garland. Just a quick few minutes and a smile. Turns out, Isla’s feelings about me haven’t changed. She wasn’t my biggest fan at her newborn session, or her 6 month session, and still not a fan at 1 year. One day I’m going to win her over. One day!

She actually didn’t mind me completely for the family photo, and a few with her big brother Anderson. She wasn’t very smiley, but she wasn’t glaring at me either. We got through with a little coercion and some toe tickling.

We even managed to get through some solo portraits in my lifestyle space. She wanted mom nearby, but she was managing. Mom stayed at her side, and we did ok.

Mom and Dad opted not to do a cake, so all I wanted was a few beatiful images of her in front of this great pastel balloon garland I made the night before. She was so cute in her little dress. But, luck wasn’t on my side.

I remember teaching my kids sign language basics as young kids. Mostly my first, I think life got pretty busy when the second baby was born. But as soon as Isla got nervous she started signing milk to her mom. It was the only thing she would focus on. We tried a few breaks, and her parents tried to distract her. But in the end I think we did great, we caught a few smiles.

One day I hope to get her on my side!

Enjoy her birthday session!