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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

I can’t wait to introduce you to Oliver, he was in today for his Oakland Twp newborn session. Sweet little Oliver came fully loaded with chubby cheeks and a head of dark hair. Oh my goodness I just wanted to snuggle him for hours.

Oliver’s Oakland Twp newborn session started as usual, posing with his parents. I love including family in all my newborn sessions. Those special portraits of mom/baby, dad/baby and the whole family together are such a treasure to give my clients in their final gallery.

After the family portion we moved on to props. Oliver got to use the bucket, we did a couple versions of posing on the flokati rug. Of course I had to get my adorable little potato wrap poses in, no session is complete without turning your little one into a tiny tater tot. We did a cute little toes out wrap in the dough bowl.

After the prop section of our newborn session Oliver stopped for a quick snack break. Oliver didn’t want to fall back asleep for a while after that. So I did some awake shots while he stretched and wiggled around, tiring himself out. Another snack break led him into a light slumber, and we squeezed in some table poses. The one I really wanted to do, as always, was froggy. He had the perfect cheeks for froggy. But no matter how hard I tried he just refused to pose it. We did get some adorable other table poses, huck, side lay, bum up. I tried froggy again at the end because he was sound asleep. But once again, froggy eluded us. He just wouldn’t do it, and I wasn’t going to press him further.

I could have sat and snuggled him for hours, but I packed him up and sent him home with Mom and Dad. Now I’ll get to enjoy his adorable little face in his final gallery. Enjoy! And don’t forget to take a peak at his mom’s maternity session at the studio.