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Sweet little Emma who has been visiting me for her 3/6/9 month milestones brought her family out to my favorite field for a session. It’s always so fun to piece together the rest of a family puzzle. I have only ever met Emma and her Mom, but today at her Oakland Township family session I got to meet her adorable big brother and her Dad.

The fall weather has been a little dodgy lately. Sometimes I never know hour to hour what type of evening weather we will get. But we ended up with a beautiful evening to explore nature.

I couldn’t believe it when we hopped out of the car and Emma was all smiles. She was ear to ear smiling and I specifically told her not to waste those smiles. Emma is notorious for keeping me humble as one of the toughest little cookies to crack. She doesn’t think anything I do is funny.

As soon as we got to our location though, the smiles disappeared. Of course. We all jumped around like fools trying to get her to even give us the tiniest little grin. She had the upper hand and she played us with those parking lot smiles. I think Emma knew exactly what she was doing, teasing us.

Fortunately for me, she brought a big brother that DID think I was funny. He was just as adorable as his little sister. Lucky for me he’s at the age where I can tell him NOT to smile, and it makes him smile so big. It’s my favorite stage of kids. He would legit laugh when I told him not to smile.

I tend to do a lot of headswaps for families so they get that perfect capture in their images. Is it wrong if I photoshop smiles? Maybe Emma could borrow some of Brandon’s. That’s ok right?

Either way, it’s going to create great memories for the Woods family. They’ll forever look back at her adorable little smirk and remember that night we all tried to get her to grin. Enjoy their favorite images from the Woods family Oakland Township family session.