Sweet little Emma was back at the studio today for her Mt Clemens sitter session. She brought a few more smiles this time than at her 3 month session. But she still made me work for them. Emma was so curious about her surroundings, she spent her time with me figuring everything out instead of being overly smiley.

That’s ok though, because she was still perfectly adorable! I love to watch these sitters navigate the studio.

Some of my favorite poses in sitter sessions are obviously sitting if they are able on their own. If they aren’t sitting on their own I try to stage it a little. I will prop them in a bucket or basket so they have a side to hold onto. Doing this often gives them a little more confidence to hold themselves up.

Sitting up tires them out pretty quick. So I like to switch it up, have them lay on their tummy if they will hold their heads up. And then on their back. I always try to get them to play with their toes instead of just laying flat. It’s so cute and a great way to capture those tiny fingers and toes at work. I love the way they wiggle and stretch.

Emma was happy to do all these poses, and even did them a few times in various areas of the studio. I love using the bed for sitters, in case they topple over or fling themselves back. They have a soft landing no matter which direction they go. But I also love having them sit on the floor, or lay on a pretty seamless paper in the studio.

Emma’s mom brought her two cute little rompers in pink and purple. You are always welcome to bring your own outfits or go through my client closet. I like to keep a small selection of adorable outfits in varying sizes for you to use if you’d like.

Enjoy this gallery from Emma’s Mt Clemens sitter session! I can’t wait to see her again in a few months.