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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

I can’t believe Hazels grow with me year has come and gone. I’ve so loved being her photographer to document this first year. But today’s the day I’m her Mt Clemens Cake Smash Photographer! She is always such a smiley girl, easy to please and has a great disposition. Just like her big brother.

Hazel’s mom asked for a nice winter mix of pinks, no hot pinks, nothing to super girly. But something that would match her winter celebration. So we pulled together this mix of maroons and pinks to create a magical display we loved. Even if Hazel didn’t appreciate it.

I really thought she was going to be that kid that dove in and made a huge mess. Turns out I’ve never been more wrong. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. Laugh, cry, smile, be sad about the mess on her hands. We went through all the emotions within minutes of each other. It made for great photos, but she still wasn’t that into it. It happens.

Her brother however was ready and waiting for his moment to step in as big brother and show her how to bite the cake. I honestly think she was a little offended. It’s not that she wanted the cake, but she also didn’t really want him to have it. The look on her face as she watched him touch her birthday cake was hilarious.

She held in there though. Despite our best efforts, and her unsure mood that day. She was patient, and kept trying to enjoy herself. In the end we got a few cute smiles, a few true to life mood swings, and some great images to wrap up our year, and my time as her Mt Clemens Cake Smash Photographer.

Brother and sister smiling and snuggling on bed
1 year old in pink dress with blue and orange flowers smiling on bed
Family photo of mom with son and daughter

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