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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

I just love seeing kids for their yearly milestone photos. Carter was in recently because he’s turning 4. Actually he and I got to hang out ON his actual birthday!

He is quite the chatterbox these days. He told me all about his favorite dinosaurs, and his favorite snacks. I had a great laugh when he told me hard m&m’s were his favorite, his mom interpreted that as skittles for me.

Carter told me that he was having McDonald’s for dinner as his special meal. I remember the days when my kids like to have McDonalds as their special birthday dinner. This year, my own son wants Olive Garden. Turns out he loves the endless soup and breadsticks.

Carter is always such a ham. He does test my ability to fire the camera quick, he never stops moving and wiggling. But in the end his images are always adorable. I had to keep bringing new chairs to keep Carter guessing about what I was going to do next.

I love his mom’s attitude about photos too. She’s always been so laid back. She just wants fun photos to remember the kids by each year. She’s always ok if they aren’t perfect, or if the kids have a snack, or water cup. I think her laid back attitude leads to such happy sessions. And I love being able to enjoy my interactions with the kids because I am working to capture their true personality, instead of just perfect smiles.

When you’re done looking through Carter’s adorable milestone photos, go HERE and check out his sister’s recent cake smash! She will be back at the studio this fall for her 18 month session.