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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Sweet little Syren came to the studio recently for her Metro Detroit newborn photography session. She is one of the tiniest babies I’ve worked with in a long while, tipping the scales at just about 6 pounds.

When I was scrolling through my FaceBook feed one day I spotted a photo of my niece holding this itty baby. I halted my scroll thinking “what in the world!!” I can’t possibly be that old that my niece’s friends are having kids right? It’s easy forget that I’m nearly 40 these days, and my niece is in her mid 20s. Sheesh! Crazy how fast time flies. I reached out to her mom and asked if they had a photographer booked yet, I needed to snuggle her little one.

Syren came in and was just perfect. She slept the whole time, she folded into every pose I tried with her. She just never complained about anything, which doesn’t surprise me. Her mom is super laid back, so I guess that’s an inherited trait Syren was blessed with. I loved it, I got to visit and socialize with her Mom and Dad. I haven’t seen Anya (her mom) in years. It was so fun to catch up.

The best part of a model call session is that I get to experiment with poses I don’t do in a standard session. This is how my galleries have evolved so much over the years. I love having the opportunity to expand my own knowledge in posing and lighting. This was the second time I did the new “mugshot” style photos where the baby is wide awake. I really love her cute expressions!

I’m grateful that her parents let me do her Metro Detroit newborn session, and that she was such an easy going little girl!

I hope you enjoy her images as much as her parents did!

Newborn bed prop purchased from Rozzi Rayne