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So you’re rocking that second trimester glow, and you’re ready to get in front of my camera! Let’s chat real quick on how to get the most out of your maternity session.

First, it’s important to have a general idea of the style you want. Close your eyes real quick and envision yourself in images.

Are you all dressed up in a fancy gown, outside in nature? Or are you in jeans and a t shirt, maybe even a messy bun, coffee cup in hand, chillin on the bed?

When you book your maternity session, it’s important to communicate what you’re hoping the final result will be. This helps your photographer (me) know what direction to guide you. We’re lucky in Michigan to have amazing nature all around us, and we get to photograph in all 4 seasons.

I am lucky enough to have a studio, and can offer maternity sessions there as well as outdoors.

Every booked newborn session gets the chance to come to my studio, and enjoy a complimentary studio maternity. So even if you aren’t sure you want photos taken, let’s grab a few, just in case you wish you had done them down the road.

Be sure to plan ahead, you want to book your sessions as early as you can. That way you can plan wardrobe options without scrambling at the last second. You may choose to book a hair and nail appointment as well (come on, pamper yourself, you deserve it!) I suggest doing your maternity session somewhere between 28-34 weeks. You want to have a visible baby bump, but not feel all swollen and exhausted.

Bring multiple outfits. I suggest moms’ bring two outfits, ranging from a nice dress, to jeans and a tank top, or t shirt, or sometimes a nice bra and panty set with an oversized sweater, or her husbands button up work shirt.

Wardrobe will vary with your comfort level. If you’re more conservative, look for a nice day dress. I suggest something fitted to show off your curves. We can always clamp a loose dress, but you don’t want it to take away from the bump. So go all out and find yourself a nice solid color bump hugging dress like this one from Amazon. If you are really uncomfortable in short dresses, or don’t want it to show off the bump as much, check out this style from Baltic Born. They have beautiful colors, with long sleeve and short sleeve options.

Of course, if you’re going to go jeans and a t shirt, make sure they are comfortable also. I have had mom’s bring both maternity and non maternity jeans (good for those mom’s that can wear non maternity, I wasn’t one of those!). Decide if you want to show off your bare belly, or keep it hidden under clothes. If you are going to show it off, wear jeans that don’t have the belly panel, and you can leave unbuttoned!

If you are comfortable styling your hair, I suggest leaving it down in soft waves. I love when mom’s can run their hands through their hair, so having it pulled back or loaded with hairspray will hinder that.

Don’t forget your nails. If you feel inclined to get a manicure (and pedicure, cause who wants to try and reach their toes right now), go with a soft neutral color. Nail polish chips are hard to fix in post, so if you’re nail polish isn’t looking amazing, just take it off and go natural.

Makeup for your maternity session should be soft and gentle. If you are doing a relaxed studio session, keep it light and natural. If you are outdoors or going for a more glam look, definitely do a sultry style. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone, and edges are well blended. Especially in winter, don’t use your summer foundation 🙂

When you arrive at the studio, remember to relax, and enjoy yourself. You look beautiful. Your body is doing something amazing. This is about you and your baby, tune everything else out. I can’t wait to show you the final images!

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