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Carter was at the studio again, this time for his 2 year photos. This kid is so cute, I’m so lucky to be his Macomb Milestone Photographer.

This age can be hard (ok, fine, any age can be hard). But coming to the studio with an open mindset really makes all the difference. Two year old’s are an independent force to be reckoned with. They don’t want to be told what to do, or where to sit, and the more you ask the more they resist. Sound familiar? I bet it does! Knowing the limitations of your 2 year old, and being ok if there is a few serious faces, or a snack in the photo can make all the difference in the world.

When I first met his mom 6 months ago for his 18 month session, I so clearly remember her saying “I just want to document him at this age, so if he has food, or his sippy cup or toys in his hand, I’m ok with that”. I was so stunned, no one says that, like, ever. I remember running to my text my local photographer friends about this amazing client I just had.

The important thing to remember is that kids get so overwhelmed by new people. And then being asked to smile right, or laugh, or focus, or not be shy.

Now, Carter has a huge personality, and he’s not shy. But I took the time to play before we started the session. Just a few minutes of us hanging out that first session, playing with blocks made a huge difference. Now, when he is in front of the camera, he feels a little more comfortable with me. I’m cool now, he got to push the button that flashed the light, he got to be goofy, and most importantly he got to relax on his own terms. It was a fun experience, and he let loose the cutest expressions.

So don’t worry if your little one wants to lay on the ground for a few minutes, or take a sip of water. Usually its just a stall tactic till they see what we’re up to. Let them do what is comfortable to them, and when they are ready, the results will be worthy.

I look forward to being YOUR Macomb milestone photographer!

2 year old boy in striped shirt
2 year old photoshoot
macomb milestone photographer
2 year old milestone photographer
2 year old boy in striped shirt