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I have written this post about Michelle and Jason’s Enchantment wedding so many times I’ve lost count. There is so much I want to say, it’s hard to condense into just 300 words.

I love photographing weddings. I wish I could take more on each year. But my family schedule limits my availability to dedicate an entire day to a wedding. When Michelle approached me to capture their wedding day, I had some reservations. In the end, I didn’t want anyone else being her photographer. And I don’t regret my decision for a single second.

Let’s start with Michelle. Because she radiated so much joy on her wedding day. And don’t get me wrong, all brides are incredibly happy and beautiful. But there was something special in Michelle’s smile. She glowed. I’m not sure how she smiled so much, I bet her cheeks hurt so bad at the end of the night.

For as long as I’ve known Michelle, she’s always been the first one to celebrate each big milestone with the people around her. Even when her days were dark, she found a little sunshine to share with the people she loved. She was the first to cheer for her girl squad and their big moments, but her own search for her other half never faltered. Michelle knew he was out there, and the universe was waiting for the perfect moment to bring him into her path.

And then one day it happened. I’ll never forget that conversation with her. Jason was everything she was searching for. He was actually so perfect for her, that she couldn’t see it. Her friends rallied and probably pushed her into that first date more than she wanted us to. But she never looked back once they met.

Now fast forward to the wedding planning. Michelle was silly, and thought she would have a small wedding, and get away with it. Trouble is, everyone that has ever been the focus of her sunshine, wanted to celebrate her (Jason too I guess). We have so much love to return to these two, people came out in force. And we got special roles, because she never leaves anyone out. Their wedding party was small, so Michelle asked all of her friends near and far to wear blue bracelets and join her “blue crew”. Her officiant was the parent of kids she nannied for for years, one of those kids gave a speech at the reception. The current little girl she nannies for was her flower girl. I, of course, the photographer. Michelle surrounded herself with people she loves, and while she probably thought she was doing us a favor by including us, it was us that wanted to be there, to lift her up in this new adventure. We were the ones that wanted to be there to celebrate this new union.

Jason and Michelle planned to have a small, intimate ceremony at Stony Creek. Just the two of them, their wedding party and immediate family. Well, 65+ people later there was chairs, musicians, and a tent bring brought into the park.

Jason should appreciate this. I tried so hard to find the perfect way to describe these two people. And then I saw this:

The beauty of football and marriage is that you have your team to help you towards that winning touchdown of life! Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. But because you do it together, it makes it the greatest game and the greatest way to live your life- together.

Reverend Dan

Michelle may never understand football (even though she tries for her new husband and step-sons), but I know she will smile as she reads this. I’ve never known two people that made a better team. They joke, they love, they laugh, they cry, they support. Michelle and Jason are running toward the same endzone. And as their friends, we packed the stadium to cheer them on.

I can’t wait to return the sunshine she gave me, for many years to come. Michelle and Jason thank you for including me in your big day. I hope you felt the happiness you put into the world for so long, being reflected back on you on this big day. May you always block the negativity out for each other as you hurtle towards those goal posts.

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