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Tonight I had the true honor of photographing Michelle and Jason’s Rochester Engagement Session. As she got in her car at the end of the night, she turned and said “I expect that blog to make me cry”. So here goes, I’m not as emotional as she is, but I’m going to give this my best effort.

How I met Michelle

I met Michelle many years ago, when I was just starting my photography business. Through another photographer I had met, she introduced me to this Facebook group for Michigan photographers. I didn’t realize at the time, how big of a blessing this random group would become. I lurked for a bit, getting to know people’s online personas. It was created and run by Michelle, and her business partner Megan.

Let’s tell Michelle’s favorite story of how she met me. Seems like the perfect way to introduce our friendship.

Jump forward a bit from joining this Facebook group, in a thread about posing newborns, I decided to step way outside my comfort zone and offer to host a gathering so we could meet and talk in person, maybe watch some online videos. So a small gathering showed up at my house that night.

I had young kids, and we had a shoes rule in our house, they came off when you walked in. The look of horror on Michelle’s face. If she was writing this, she would tell you that she wanted to turn and walk out that minute, but her own anxiety wouldn’t let her lol. So off the shoes came, and we awkwardly sat in my family room that night. The other women that came, they all knew each other, and I felt like a total outsider. But something about them, was so easy and fun. I could see myself maybe possibly considering one day calling them friends.

It actually didn’t take that long, Michelle and I bonded pretty quick, our sarcastic selves finding a true friendship in each other. We barely knew each other but we spent hours sharing our lives over those next few months. We had way more in common than I had ever expected.

How Michelle met Jason

Now that you know how Michelle and I met, let’s talk about Michelle and Jason for a minute, I guess he deserves a mention here.

Michelle spent many years searching for a love that fit hers. She spent years pouring love into the world, making her friendships brighter and stronger. And one day, thanks to the internet, she came upon Jason. I remember that day so vividly. She sent me his photo, and a nervous text. They had spoken and she was so stunned at his kindness and personality. She said he was so nice, it couldn’t be true. She almost didn’t go out with him. I think all her friends rooted for her, pushing her forward, “just give him a chance” we told her. She couldn’t see how perfect this man was for her. I think it only took that one date. We knew she found the one that her heart needed.

Jason is truly a kind man. He is not only kind to her, but he’s kind to all of her friends. I get a random text message from him once in a while, just to check in, ask how life is going, how my kids are, or how a home project is going. It’s in his soul to be kind and thoughtful. And he showers Michelle with love and generosity every day. I hope she knows how much he treasures her. Because the rest of the world sees it.

Michelle and Jason, I hope you two never stopping loving, never stop sending your bright light out into the world. You have found the other half to your hearts in each other. The one your soul belongs with. I wish you both the best of everything, you have spent years putting the best out into the world, and now it’s our turn to pay you back.

Their Rochester Engagement Session

Michelle wanted a unique place that was special to Jason for their session. Being a photographer, she’s been to all the usual parks, and just wanted a little flair. So she called me one day and said “Hey, you want to go scout with me?” Of course, I said sure, because she wasn’t going to let me out of it, even if I didn’t want to. If you’ve ever been the passenger in Michelle’s car, you’d understand.

Jason works in the city of Rochester, and Michelle had driven by this spot many times. Of course it took some strong navigation skills to find it again, but we eventually did. We talked, we dreamed, we envisioned them standing there, with the sun shining down on them. It was truly perfect.

And the actual session was everything I know she hoped for. They radiated love, laughter poured out of them. They never took their eyes off each other.

She’s been waiting (im)patiently for these images. So, let’s not wait any longer. Enjoy your Rochester Engagement Session.

Now, hire me to photograph your wedding, would you?