It’s been a few months since Sophia was at the studio for her newborn session, and today she was back for her 3 month milestone session!

I love getting to see how much the kids grow. I miss those days with my own kids. They change so quickly in those first months. Going from being completely independent to learning to explore things all by themselves.

Sophia reminds me so much of her brother. They share so many facial features with each other. I realize they are siblings, so it’s normal to look alike. But I love comparing siblings to each other to see how much they are the same or different.

When I first met Gulio it was for his 9 month session I believe. His session was also a tough one, he was a very serious dude. But his photos are still some of my favorite. He was curious and on the move non stop. I ended up putting him in a shallow bowl that rocked around, to keep him in one place. He has the most inquisitive eyes. His sister is the same. She just looks at you with interest and wonder.

When it comes to variety, at 3 months we are basically focused on tummy time and laying on their back. That and just capturing some smiles is really the greatest. They are laughing more, and find tickling fun. They work hard to hold their head up, and get tired quickly. So we have to work fast. But it’s such a rewarding moment.

Enjoy Sophia’s 3 month milestone session. I can’t wait to see her back in another 3 months for her sitter session!