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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Hazel was at the studio today for her 18 month session.

I can not believe the spunky little newborn has turned into an adorable (still spunky) little 18 month old. It’s been such a delight watching her grow up. Each and every session brings laughter and a lot of work. That work falls mostly to her mom, who gives chase now that she’s a full fledged runner.

Lucky for us, today all Hazel could think about was the pack of graham crackers in her bag. Every time she ran off, that is where she headed.

Her mom told me that Hazel and her brother Carter took turns waking up all night. Those are the hardest mornings aren’t they? I know I need my sleep. As my kids got older I realized how much I loved and needed my sleep. I’m grateful that my teenagers enjoy their rest as much as I do, and rarely does anyone wake me up anymore.

We did Hazel’s photos on a simple white background. Her mom has Carter’s photos from his 4 year session on the mantle, and she wanted them to look different side by side. Plus Hazel wore this adorable blue and white dress so I couldn’t resist keeping it simple.

Be sure to check out her brother, Carter’s 4 year milestone session over here. And enjoy these adorable photos of Hazel at her 18 month session.