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April brought yet another adorable theme in this woodland animal cake smash setup I did for Avery. The little fox featured in the middle is just like a favorite stuffed animal she has at home, and mom says she absolutely adores it.

If you know me, I love crafting for sessions. I’m a complete procrastinator though. So I’m usually doing crafty things late into the night. And usually it’s the night before I need them. No better time than the last minute right?

Getting Crafty

For Avery’s session I created these foam cutouts for the animals and zip tied them into baskets or set them on the floor. It’s not a huge time investment, usually just a few hours to get a set done depending on the size. I purchase the files online, create a banner with them, cut those out, glue the cutouts to foam and use a heat knife to get them sturdy so they stand up on their own.

After that it was just arranging flowers in the boxes and along the floor. I recruited my daughter to help me do the setup the night before so it was all ready for me the next day. It just makes my mornings go so smoothly to show up and just do final touches to a set. I often have to move a few things or rearrange them to get them perfect in camera.

Avery showed up ready to go, she was all smiles for us. Mom had her favorite playlist ready to go and Avery just danced away, showing off her adorable dimples.

We brought the cake out and I was a little nervous at first, she didn’t want to get very messy. But it didn’t take long for Avery to realize it was faster to go face first into the cake, instead of using her hands. Once we had her going though she never looked back. She made a big mess, and had so much fun!

At the last second Mom remembered she bought this black hat from Avery’s aunt, so we popped it on her in the bathtub and then did one more quick setup in a fresh outfit to capture her adorable little smiles. She was quite the English garden princess don’t you think?

Enjoy Avery’s woodland animal cake smash. Reach out if you are thinking about your child’s first birthday cake smash. Let’s create something just for you!

Woodland Animal Cake Smash