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Let’s spend a minute talking about why you should print your artwork. We capture some truly magical moments at your newborn session. This is the only day your family will be this exact age. The days where that little newborn baby fits in your hands are finite. Moments of your toddler kissing on their new baby brother or sister.

Memories that should be living on for years in your home in some form. Your family and children deserve to see their heritage laid out on the walls and bookshelves. Those family memories in print form.

We live in a digital world, everything is stored on a hard drive or a phone or in the cloud. As a photographer I see it all the time, drives failing, phones dying, cloud storage is full. So what happens to those moments in time you can’t get back? Having them in a physical form on your wall or in an album on your coffee table keeps those moments at a fingertips reach.

I loved going to my Grandma’s home and seeing years of old photos of family members. Hearing stories about my childhood from their perspective. What my family remembers of me as a kid. Silly things I did. We have albums upon albums of old photos, yellowed and tattered. But they are an irreplaceable treasure from years I can never get back.

Every year on my kids birthday I make it a point to bring out their albums and we go through them. Looking at their cute smiles, their first time sitting up on their own. Their favorite stuffed animals. Favorite snacks, silly antics I wrote down in books. It’s so much fun to reminisce as they’ve aged into teenagers.

Creating Heirloom Artwork

When you come in for your session our goal is to create those lasting memories for your family. Those heirlooms that you can pass on your children when they move out and start their own families. They don’t want a hard drive of endless files to sort through. Or corrupted files they can’t access any longer. Those memories lost forever. So before you say “I just want digitals” think about what you want those to look like in your home. With my process you get a physical product as well as a digital product so you can enjoy both. Share in your home with guests and share on social media with long distant friends and family.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk on why you should print your artwork. I hope I’ve inspired you to bust those old digitals out and create something magical on your walls. If you need help, reach out to me, I’m happy to help!

why you should print your artwork
why you should print your artwork