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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Are you a first time mom? Second? Maybe you have surrounded yourself with adorable little versions of yourself, and it’s your first time at Katie Anton Photography. Let’s talk about what to expect in your newborn session.

To start with, I’d like to extend a personal invitation to your complimentary studio maternity session. Let me pamper you. I see you, a beautiful, glowing mom, in love with your growing baby. Even on days you are tired, have major heartburn, swollen ankles or even haven’t showered today. You look beautiful.

After your maternity session, I would love to spend a few minutes showing you around the studio. It’s my favorite place to be. Let’s chat about your session, our vision, what to expect, and how I want to make your dreams come to life.

Either just before or just after baby is born, I’ll send out a session prep guide. It will come in an email that contains a wealth of information on how to best prep for your session. The important thing to remember here, is you know your baby best. My prep email is just a list of things I’ve found can sometimes help. That sounds vague right? I haven’t been blessed to meet your little one. I’m not sitting up with them for countless hours at night. You learn new things about your baby every minute, of every day. So read through my email, and take from it what you want. What you can do. If you show up to the studio, and say, we just didn’t have a good night, nothing got done. No worries. Read that again. No worries.

I was joking with another photographer the other day. We said that a newborn session is just like a birth plan. I go into it with a plan, with a dedicated workflow I want to have happen. And then I’m in that room, and have to make on the spot changes to my “birth plan”. I change where parent photos fall in my workflow. Or wether I do table poses or prop poses first. It’s an always evolving process to get you a gorgeous gallery in the end.

But know, we will get there. So read through that prep email, and implement what you think will work best for you. And then come to the studio with an open mind, and an excitement to watch the magic happen.

One more thing included in that prep email is a planning guide. I’ve been working hard on this, and I’m not done yet. But this is your input into our session. You’ll find dozens of photos in this form. You can tell me what colors you like, what props you like, if you want seasonal images, or not. It’s the holy grail of my prop hoarding obsession.

The best part is the actual newborn session. I wish you could feel my excitement. I love baby snuggles. I love my job, and watching these images come to life. I’ve never been so inspired by the amazing tiny humans I get to work with regularly. They are so resilient, they’re adapting to a new world, new sounds, new feelings. They’re tackling upset bellies, hunger, and those adorable little hiccups.

Join me, for an amazing experience with Katie Anton Photography. Let me create images like these, for you.