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I get this question all the time. “What should we wear to our newborn session?”. Inquiring minds want to know, so I’m going to help.

I think no matter what I say here, it’s really important to have a conversation with your photographer about their photography style, which backdrop they will be using, and what they’ve had parents wear that looked great. Going into your session knowing if they are a lifestyle photographer or a posed photographer is so helpful.

Lifestyle vs Posed Photography

Lifestyle photographers usually embrace shadows, but photograph is a light, white or cream space. If we were doing a lifestyle newborn session I would tell you to wear light colors. Creams, greys and tans would be my first choice, followed by any light hue of a color. Greens, blues, lavender, just stay away from the dark colors.

As a posed newborn photographer, I love to photograph parents on dark colors, my current favorite is mocha, which is a warm chocolatey brown color. So I tell my parents to wear greys, blacks, creams or ivory. I usually suggest staying away from white unless you are being photographed on a light backdrop, white or light grey.

For me, what’s on the lower half doesn’t matter, it won’t show. Black pants are fine, jeans, or yoga pants. Try to avoid something that will create a color cast when the light reflects off it. Basically, don’t wear neon yellow joggers.

For moms, wear a shirt you are comfortable in. If you are insecure about your arms, wear a flowy long sleeved shirt. I personally think a fitted long sleeved shirt is more flattering than a really baggy one. A well educated photographer will know great angles to photograph you at, to help slim down any areas of worry.

For dads, if you are wearing a new shirt. Iron it! Especially those sleeve creases from being folded. If you are like me, and your iron is used strictly for pearler beads by your older children, take the shirt to your mom, your mother in law or a dry cleaner. Your wife will appreciate not having to iron it 🙂

Always avoid large logos, busy patterns or crazy multi colored prints. A simple single colored shirt will be a classic look for many years. Don’t be afraid to bring in a little texture. A great knit sweater, or a button down shirt adds a little class.

Poop happens, come prepared….

Most importantly, poop happens, and sometimes it happens during parent poses. Bring a back up shirt or two. Make sure your back up shirts coordinate with your first choice shirts. And maybe bring a back up back up shirt to wear home. Some babies poop a lot!

I hope that helps you navigate the question “What Should We Wear To Our Newborn Session”. If you have questions drop me a comment below, I will update this post as needed!

baby boy green newborn session
baby boy brown newborn session
baby boy in bucket pose blue
What Should We Wear To Our Newborn Session
What Should We Wear To Our Newborn Session
What Should We Wear To Our Newborn Session
What Should We Wear To Our Newborn Session