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I have needed this Washington Twp newborn session for a while. Babies lately have been so wide awake. Once in a while it’s nice to have a win. Sawyer was that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He was so fantastic.

I’ve been trying to get more prop poses in my sessions. I love table poses, they are my most favorite. But parents lately have given me some feedback that they are really loving the variety that comes in prop poses. So I’ve been working on my workflow to add in additional props to satisfy those parent preferences.

Sawyer started with his potato sack pose. We snuggled up up and popped him in a basket. He loved it and smiled his way through. Then we switched to a bucket, which is one of my personal favorite props. I love my bucket collection, which is actually just some magnetic covers that make storage so easy. This was a brand new bucket cover (in our industry, the maker calls them bucket huggers) and it resembles a honey bucket. This may be one of my new favorites, its just beautiful.

After his bucket pose we went to a trench bowl, and a wrap known as toes out. This is so cute with just those tiny toes sticking out. I use it as a great opportunity to pop mom’s wedding ring in the toes. It just shows off how tiny their toes are so perfectly.

Sawyer was such a great sleeper so I decided to do a prop I don’t do very often unless baby is a great sleeper AND they have to be willing to curl up pretty snug. This adorable basket shows off their toes, fingers, and adorable little face. We shook up the variety a little in a different bucket and a slightly less tightly curled pose.

We finished his session off on the posing table. Froggy and taco poses are my favorites. Not every baby will curl into taco pose, but Sawyer did it like a professional.

I switched the backdrop to blue and wrapped it up with side lay, and forward facing, which is also known as chin on hands.

Which of these is your favorite image from my Washington Twp newborn session?