Today is going to be a great day as a Utica newborn photographer. Today is going to be great. It’s the mantra I kept telling myself as I head out my door to tackle a double header. Of course, not a baseball game, but a double newborn session day. It’s not my first time doing back to back newborn sessions, but it’s not something I do often. Mostly because my back takes multiple days to forgive me for it.

But boy was I about to luck out. These next two newborns were just amazing. Let’s start with Rebecca.

This was my second time photographing newborns for this family. Her big brother (but middle brother) Alex came to me in February 2020. I love newborns, but getting to photograph a past newborn as a big brother (or sister) is such fun.

Rebecca’s mom said she first feel in love with my newborn baby girl work. And that was what pushed her to book with me when she was pregnant the second time. When Alex was born, she jokingly told me “your newborn boy work was OK too, but those little girls are some kind of adorable”

When she found out about baby 3 she couldn’t wait to try her luck again, hoping she was going to get me to photograph her daughter this time around. Well, good fortune was on her side, and they were blessed with a little girl. Rebecca’s two big brothers are in love. Well, her biggest brother is, her middle brother is still on the fence.

It took Teddy about 2 seconds to get comfortable at the studio. He took a liking to me, and never left my side. Teddy was such a great helper to me, he shushed her, got me headbands, and held her every chance I gave him. He even told me he was going to ask for a camera for his upcoming 4th birthday.

Enjoy these beautiful images from my time with Rebecca, my Utica newborn session!