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Ever wanted to ask your photographer if they have any tips for a perfect newborn session? Well, I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years. So let me share some of my thoughts on this. There is never a guarantee. Newborns have needs, and they are learning to express them. So while my tips for perfect newborn sessions may help some babies, it might not help every session. So let’s dive in!

How to achieve a perfect newborn session

  1. Book your photographer in advance. This helps you research and find a photographer that fits your style and provides the things you want in a session. It alleviates the stress of last-minute hunting when photographers are often booked up. Booking in advance also allows you time to plan out what you love most about that photographer’s work, and what you want to see in your own newborn’s session. I sit down with each client and talk about colors they like and don’t like. Props I often use. Which poses I like to do in each session. This gives us a chance to make sure your final result is an outcome you are going to be happy with!
  2. Choose your wardrobe before baby arrives. I have a client closet here for moms, in case you aren’t sure what you’d like to wear. You can come in and try on my dresses to find something that suits your style. After you know what you’ll wear, plan the rest of the family. I like everyone in classic neutrals. Creams, tans, browns, earthy tones, greys. Don’t match, but coordinate. Mix in a layer, texture or pattern to help bring everyone’s outfits together. Make sure the family has nice shoes if they will be seen, and that they fit so you aren’t left scrambling for shoes.
  3. Pack your diaper bag the night before. It’s always safe to make sure you have diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for baby as well as each of you. Poop happens! If you are formula feeding, have formula and bottles in your bag. Any after birth care products moms might need while you’re at the studio. I have nursing pads here to help prevent leaks for breastfeeding moms. Chapstick, water, any makeup you might want to touch up right before photos. I have coffee and some snacks here, as well as breakfast pastries for you to enjoy. Be sure to let m know about food allergies or preferences. If you have a strict diet, plan to bring plenty of snacks to enjoy while you are here. Packing the night before helps your transition out of the house to go much smoother.
  4. If baby is awake the morning of your session, a warm bath could help. Let baby kick and move their arms in some nice warm water, even a few drops of lavender soap to aid in the sleepy vibes. Dim the lights, and just let them soak for a few minutes. Dry them off, put them in an easy to remove outfit.
  5. Feed baby a full meal before you leave. Right before you dash out the door (or as Dad is packing up the car), sit and give baby a full belly. Let the milk drunk mood kick in. Don’t rush this part. I’d rather you come 10 minutes late with a sleepy baby then on time with a hungry baby. Once their belly is full, let the car ride take care of the rest!
  6. Enjoy your session. Kick back, relax, read a book, enjoy watching the magic of your chosen photographer as they pose that sweet little baby of yours. I have had parents that take naps, play cards, watch a movie, and just enjoy each other’s company. You have about 3 hours of almost uninterrupted babysitting. Shy of baby needing to feed, I’ll take care of the rest! So do what feels best to you.

That’s it! 6 tips for a perfect newborn session. Think about those and let me know what you think while you enjoy these adorable images we captured at sweet Ava’s newborn session. She was absolute perfection and I’m so grateful that her parents chose me as her newborn photographer!