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This teddy bear cake smash was an adorable setup! Milan’s mom came to me as a referral from a photographer friend. She reached out knowing that she had a specific setup in mind. Milan’s mom was having trouble finding someone to do this set for her. Of course I jumped in and said “I can do it!”

When we sat down for her consult I told her how much I love going all out for my sets. I love crafting pieces for cake smashes. Even though if you saw me in real life, I’m probably cursing at myself. I wish I wasn’t waiting until the night before a session to do all the crafting I needed. Doesn’t matter if I knew about it months in advance, or at the last minute. I’m a professional procrastinator.

Getting My Craft On

So I was pretty proud of myself when two nights before this session I made the teddy bear head. I had a whole extra day in case something went wrong. It was great though. I used thick boards of foam to cut the teddy bear shape. Then covered it with this fuzzy material I found at Joann Fabrics.

Many of the flowers I had at home, it’s been a string of flowery setups lately. Almost all my flowers are purchased at Hobby Lobby. I had my husband build and paint me the wooden number 1. I knew Milan’s mom wanted her to stand next to it. So he weighted the bottom down so it wouldn’t tip as easily.

At her ordering appointment a week later Milan’s mom commented how happy she was. I had replicated her dream setup so perfectly. She wasn’t sure it was going to happen for her, and she was thrilled I was able to do it.

This teddy bear cake smash is just a drop in the bucket. If you have a vision in mind, come visit me. Let’s get to planning your child’s cake smash!

Teddy Bear Cake Smash
Teddy Bear Cake Smash
Teddy Bear Cake Smash