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Did you know that every booked newborn session has the opportunity to book a complimentary studio maternity session?

Yup, you heard that right! Complementary, who doesn’t love that!

Photography has evolved so much over the last decade. When I was pregnant with my oldest, I don’t remember maternity photography being as popular. When my youngest came along, I wanted desperately to do maternity photos. I just didn’t feel that confident in my skin, I was big and swollen and blah. And I still wish I had done them to this day. So I decided I wanted to really celebrate Mom’s. Our bodies are amazing, and doing incredible things. I wanted to showcase them in a way I never explored before. So I reached out to a few upcoming newborn clients and approached them with this idea.

I was in love with maternity from the very first session.

From then on, I started offering these studio maternity sessions as a celebration of my 1st anniversary being in the new space. Before I knew it, they had become a big hit with moms, and I really found myself loving the final results. Moms raved about them. Not only did it give me a chance to meet you beautiful ladies, but it tapped into a session I didn’t know I would love photographing.

I found my mom clients loving the relaxed, calm, at home nature of these sessions. They become the vision of what home life looks like, a cup of coffee, snuggled up on the couch. That’s where we are most comfortable right? At home, just enjoying feeling the baby kick. And best of all, my mom clients were telling me they felt the same! They might have been nervous coming into the studio, worried about smiling, or posing, or how they look. But they left the studio feeling confident, and beautiful. Which is exactly how we see them! Win!

Enjoy these image of the gorgeous Kendall, enjoying her last few weeks of pregnancy before her son arrives!

studio maternity session Mom in oversized sweater
studio maternity session mom in blue dress
mom in sweater sitting on couch
studio maternity session

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