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This adorable, chubby cheeked baby girl came to the studio for her Southfield Newborn session this past week. She was quite possibly the best September baby I’ve had. Just a little touchy when I messed with her fingers but otherwise she slept like an angle.

I always find it so amusing how newborn sessions come in trends. Whether it’s a long run of babies that sleep great, babies that sleep terribly, baby’s that pee on all my backdrops, or babies that hate having their fingers touched. It all comes in waves. And these touchy babies are rolling in like crazy. No one wants their fingers touched, and at the same time, they like all the pressure my hands provide.

Quinn really did sleep well, which was so nice. We could cruise through everything. But we had to take extra time on those poses that I personally get really picky on finger placement. I have to admit, that I try really hard to be a perfectionist when it comes to fingers. I like them relaxed, and stacked on top of each other just slightly. When babies are touchy, poses like the bucket prop, and froggy can be tough.

There’s very few sessions that I can’t seem to get a baby to settle into froggy. But typically if baby won’t do it, it’s because they lose their cool when I mess with fingers. I like those little fingers flat against their cheeks, not balled up, or spread out, not pinching the cheeks, but calm and relaxed.

Bucket is another, I like to have just a tiny bit of the fingers overlapping. Not stacking to much of the fingers helps with balancing their heads. I love the little fingertips sticking out from under their adorable little chin. It took me a long time to really find a groove with the bucket pose, but it’s quickly become one of my favorite props. And since a vendor called Hello Little invented what the industry calls a bucket hugger, I can change out my bucket styling in a blink. They created these amazing magnetic wraps that make storage so simple. Long gone are the days of having to store multiple buckets. What a game changer for my newborn sessions!

Enjoy these images from Quinn’s Southfield Newborn session. Isn’t she adorable?