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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

One of the fun things about photographing a friends cake smash is we get to take some liberties that I wouldn’t normally encourage in a regular client session. Let’s take a look inside Jack’s simple boy cake smash and see what fun we had!

Tara asked for something simple, that wouldn’t take over the fact we were celebrating Jack. I couldn’t agree with that sentiment more. When you plan for your own child’s cake smash session, don’t feel the need to go overboard. For Tara we just did a simple balloon garland of various blues. And his cake was blue with gelatin balls on it.

We couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed eating the gelatin, it seemed pretty gross to us. But, kids have weird tastes, don’t they? Once he finally moved on beyond the gelatin he was loving the cake. He played and gobbled it up. At the very end Tara was really hopping that he would face dive into it. Believe it or not, it’s rare that it happens. So since I knew her, I encouraged her to help him with that task. She gently nudged him to lean into it and once he discovered how easy that was, he was excited to find a new way to eat the cake.

If you remember, when Jack came in for his newborn session he had a cast on his leg from a club foot. Well he’s not a big kid with no more cast. Check out his newborn session here!

Enjoy the final images from Jack’s simple boy cake smash!

simple boy cake smash
blue balloon garland cake smash
simple boy cake smash
boy eating cake at cake smash
boy in overalls standing at cake smash session
boy face first in birthday cake
simple boy cake smash
boy eating cake
boy standing in overalls
boy looking at smash cake
boy face down in cake
cute boy covered in cake
boy eating cake
boy cake smash with blue balloons