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This beautiful glowing mama was at my studio for her Shelby Twp maternity session today. She brought her own dresses in with her and I loved her choices. They were sweet and simple, and one was even sheer on the bottom, which makes for stunning silhouettes.

I have been trying to better my client experience, and really pushing myself to get on the phone and call clients. That’s how I met this sweet family. Why is talking on the phone so hard? I actually don’t mind talking on the phone, but I’m the kind of person that likes to think out my responses. I like to ponder what I want to say, to make sure it’s professional and clear to understand. Sometimes when I’m on the phone I just ramble about unimportant things. I suffer sometimes from a major case of foot stuck in mouth.

I’m slowly learning that I can do it, and it’s kind families like Ani and her husband that help me along the way. I appreciate all of you that have talked on the phone with me when I stutter over my sentences. Sometimes my brain works faster than my mouth. It’s a work in progress, but feel free to give me a call sometimes and chat photography! I am excited about the future of Katie Anton Photography!

Ani came with her husband and daughter. It was so nice chatting with them during her session. What a sweet family, I can’t wait to work with them at their newborn baby girls session in just a couple months.

While they were at the studio they were admiring my Ikea organization. Which got us talking about how hard it is to keep our houses organized. Why is it so hard? I understand with littles, why its so hard, they don’t chip in as much as they could. But I have teenagers and my house still looks like a tornado swept through it. How do we teach our kids good habits? And also, how does Ikea make it look so easy to have all those things packed into the tiniest spaces. I admire their ability to have a family room, office and bedroom all in about 300 sq ft. I need those folks to come help me figure out how to do that in my house. And then teach my kids how to maintain it!

Enjoy Ani’s Shelby Twp maternity images, and keep your eye out for her baby girls session on the blog!