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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

I had one of the cutest little boys in for his cake smash session today. Peyton’s mom requested a sage green with gold cake smash. I really love this combination, it’s been a popular request this year.

His mom really nailed it with his outfit today as well. He wore this little pair of matching green overalls. I love when those chunky thighs get to make an appearance at their cake smash session.

Cake smash taken quite literally

Peyton however brought his own spin. He channeled his inner Hulk when he met his cake. I mean he just pulverized it. He started off all cute and gentle, just touching the frosting. His mom then helped by giving him a little bit and that is when things took off. Peyton was immediately hooked on cake.

He started instantly with huge fistfuls of cake, just shoveling them in. I couldn’t help but laugh at the way he had to scrunch his eyes up to get as much of his hand in his mouth as possible.

We didn’t stop laughing, he was so into his cake I’m not sure he even noticed we were in the room anymore. Occasionally he would look to his parents for an audience. He wanted them to cheer and clap for him. But he kept at that cake. When he was finally full he just used it as a drum, pounding it into the floor. Once it was finally crumbs he took a final scoop of cake, and devoured it. Then he was ready to be done. Off the set he went and that was all. It was one of the quickest and most efficient cake smash sessions I’ve had in a while. I think his family was in and out within 40 minutes.

I hope you love this sage green with gold cake smash as much as I do. It’s pretty hard not to smile when you look at how much fun Peyton had at the studio today.

sage green with gold cake smash
sage green with gold cake smash
sage green with gold cake smash