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Are you wondering where to start prepping for your maternity session? Well come along and let’s talk about it!


How much coverage are you comfortable in? Do you want to show off your belly or are you looking for more coverage? I always tell mom’s to come prepared with multiple outfit options. Sometimes you’ll come in not feeling sure about showing off your bump, and by the end of the session you’ve had so much fun you want to.

If you are wearing a dress, consider both fitted and flowy options. Both have a space in your maternity session. Fitted is great for that bump. But flowy gives us some movement and action in photos.

The second outfit I suggest is jeans, think pre-pregnancy jeans, without the maternity band on them. We want the jeans to stay open most often. Pairing them with a fitted t shirt or an oversized, off the shoulder knit sweater. Something that you might find yourself lounging around the house in.

Some mom’s like to pair their jeans with a matching bra and underwear set. Another option to wear with a bra/underwear set is your partners button up shirt, a favorite sports jersey, kimono or robe.

Pamper Yourself

Make sure to set some time aside prior to your session. If you want a hair cut or color touch up, make sure to get that taken care of. Maybe you would like a massage. Or a manicure and pedicure. Even if you don’t do your nails professionally. Make sure to set aside some time to trim your nails, remove any old nail polish and clean up your cuticles.

If your partner is going to be in photos with you, make sure they set aside a little time for their nails as well. While feet don’t play a prominent role in your photos, they can be visible. So it’s important that they’re comfortable with their looks also. Trimming up facial hair, getting a hair cut, and a fresh new shirt is just as pampering for partners.

Think about how you’d like to preserve these memories

Now that you’re pampered and have outfit choices ready. It’s time to think long term. Where in your home would you like to display these memories? Your maternity session shouldn’t just sit on your computer or in your phone reel. Put those gorgeous images you’re about to create on your walls! Would you like an album? Or maybe a big portrait on your wall. Would you like to create a gallery wall with smaller matted images? When you come for your maternity session, knowing where you are displaying your images can help with your wardrobe choices. Maybe you’d like an image for above your couch, what colors would look nice in your family room? Maybe you would like some of those belly baring photos in your bedroom, do you want to wear a sporty bra and underwear, or are you wanting something a little sexier?

Day of

Pack all your wardrobe choices in a garment bag for travel. Take a nice shower to relax yourself, be sure you shave your legs and armpits if needed! When you style your hair, go light on hairspray. I personally love to flip hair around and make it part of your images, so having it stuck down gets in my way a little. Apply your makeup slightly heavier than normal, but not to much. The camera will naturally wash your makeup out just a smidge, so going a little heavier than normal is going to look great. Today’s not the day for experimenting with a new look. If you don’t wear fake eyelashes, today’s not the day to try them. The last thing you want is to not feel like you look like yourself when you come for your viewing appointment.

I hope this helped you in prepping for your maternity session. Have a wonderful session, I can’t wait to see the final result!

Prepping for your maternity session
Prepping for your maternity session