Your kids and your grandkids will enjoy looking at your wedding portraits and hearing stories of your wedding day. Get ready to smile … a lot!

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Did you dream of a big wedding with all your friends and family? Did you decide on an intimate affair? I believe that all weddings are as unique as you and your future spouse.

Not only will you get a gallery of timeless, intimate photographs of your special day, I’ll also use my expertise to help you plan your timeline to make sure there are sufficient windows of opportunity for the portraits you’ve dreamed of. No matter what comes down the road, pets, moves, job changes, babies, your wedding photos will always have a special space in your home. They should be special.

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Enchantment Wedding | Michelle and Jason

Enchantment Wedding | Michelle and Jason

I have written this post about Michelle and Jason's Enchantment wedding so many times I've lost count. There is so much I want to say, it's hard to condense into just 300 words. I love photographing weddings. I wish I could take more on each year. But my family...

Dragon’s Landing Reception Venue | Erica and Sam

Dragon’s Landing Reception Venue | Erica and Sam

I recently photographed the absolute sweetest couple on their wedding day, and enjoyed their Dragon's Landing reception so much! This is an up and coming reception venue, as they're just kicking off their event offerings. I met Erica and Sam through a friend of mine...

Saginaw wedding | Kristen and Michael

Saginaw wedding | Kristen and Michael

The big day is here and Kristen and Michael tied the knot in a beautiful Saginaw wedding ceremony at Horizons Conference Center. I love my sweet laid back couples, and Kristen and Michael are the epitome of that. I teased Michael at one point for making me feel so...

What you might want captured…

Getting Ready

It’s your time to be with the people you’ve gathered as your wedding party.  Those that have supported you, comforted you, experienced the adventure that is life with you. And today they will surround you on your greatest adventure yet.


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You are about to walk down that aisle to find your future, waiting for you, smiling, excited, hopeful for what is beginning. Your family and friends can’t wait to see you two vow forever together. Let me give you images to last forever.


Get ready to smile – a lot!!! After the ceremony comes family portraits, and group wedding party photos. If you didn’t do a first look, we will also do photos of you two together at this time. It’s a lot of moving parts and important to schedule a decent amount of time, based on your needs.


Time to mingle and dance! Let’s get the party started. From introductions, all the way through the night, we have your back to catch those awesome dance moves!

engagement session

Couples sessions are a fantastic way to get to know two people.  Whether its just for fun, engagement photography, or celebrating 20 years of marriage.  I love being able to learn about you, your interests and help you connect to each other in front of the camera.

You don’t have to just stand and smile. To be honest, when its an engagement session I much prefer you act like I’m not there.  We are here for you, to celebrate your love. Let’s get outdoors, let’s laugh, let’s reminisce. I might ask you to tell me the story of how you met, or your first date.  I just might find out who is the best (or worst) singer. Sounds like fun right?

The best part is when you see your photographs later. You’ll see photographs that really represent you. That is my ultimate goal for you. Let’s make that happen!

For my Brides and Grooms, the engagement session gives us a great opportunity to work together before your wedding.  You can see my process, I can learn what works best for you.  Then on your big day we are maximizing our time together.

Rochester Engagement Session | Michelle and Jason

Rochester Engagement Session | Michelle and Jason

Tonight I had the true honor of photographing Michelle and Jason's Rochester Engagement Session. As she got in her car at the end of the night, she turned and said "I expect that blog to make me cry". So here goes, I'm not as emotional as she is, but I'm going to give...

Nature engagement session | Kristen and Michael

Nature engagement session | Kristen and Michael

I took Kristen and Michael to Stoney Creek metro park for their nature engagement session. It’s one of my favorite parks to do sessions at, if you’ve read any of my outdoor session blogs you know that it’s just a beautiful park. There are so many varieties for...

Dequindre Cut Proposal | Jason and Joan

Dequindre Cut Proposal | Jason and Joan

I had the chance to photograph a Dequindre Cut proposal. It was such a fun break from my normal sessions. Jason contacted me a few weeks back to photograph the proposal he was planning for his girlfriend. The Plan He did so much planning, for his proposal. I'm wildly...

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