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I had the chance to photograph a Dequindre Cut proposal. It was such a fun break from my normal sessions. Jason contacted me a few weeks back to photograph the proposal he was planning for his girlfriend.

The Plan

He did so much planning, for his proposal. I’m wildly impressed at how much detail went into this moment for his future bride. Jason knew he wanted to go somewhere unique, and the Dequindre cut fit the bill. He walked it, took photos, plotted on a map where they’d go. I got some of the most specific directions ever. It was amazing.

He was planning a lunch, then a nice walk, and wrapping up with meeting me for the big proposal. Well as you know, nothing ever goes to plan. But he pushed through and surprised Joan with a fun afternoon!

He texted me throughout the day. Keeping me up to date on where they were and how time was running for them. He sent me photos of their outfits so I would know who to look for.

I had to laugh as I tried to be nonchalant standing along a random wall, camera in hand. Joan spotted me right away. She later told me ”I saw you and thought ’I wonder what she’s doing over there’”.

Just a photographer, standing around

As they walked in front of me, he wanted to stop to look at the art. Joan was worried that I was standing there for a reason, like an assignment. She thought they were in my way! She kept trying to get him to keep walking. He kept trying to get her to come back over by him and admire the graffiti. She was getting so annoyed with him that she kept walking. When she turned around he was down on one knee. I held back and just photographed her as the realization hit. I couldn’t hear much of anything, but she was definitely shocked! And as I slowly approached she looked at me and said ”is that why that lady is standing there?”


After a few minutes I went over and introduced myself, of course congratulating the newly engaged pair. Jason took a few moments to let his heart rate return to normal. But he’d done it, his Dequindre Cut proposal was a success!