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I recently photographed the absolute sweetest couple on their wedding day, and enjoyed their Dragon’s Landing reception so much! This is an up and coming reception venue, as they’re just kicking off their event offerings.

I met Erica and Sam through a friend of mine that does their family photos every year.

Erica is an absolutely amazing mom. We all make our kids our first priority once they come into our lives right? Everything changes for the better when we have kids. There are always ups and downs, and Erica has fought for everything her son has today. She’s the fighter behind Wyatt’s Law. Named after her adorable son, Wyatt, who was such a delight to work with on his mom’s wedding day. After I met them I did a lot of reading up on her work for Wyatt. She’s fought so hard, and achieved so much in his name.

Erica and Sam seem to be the perfect compliments to each other. There isn’t a lot that makes me cry. But watching these two speak their vows at their wedding truly had me in tears. As well as most of their guests. Their promises to fight for each other, and for Wyatt, and their future as a family was something great to be present for.

The celebrations continued that evening at their Dragon’s Landing reception. The guests were all in such great spirits as they came together to socialize, enjoy yummy drinks, and delicious food together. The atmosphere was intimate and fun.

I’ve come here before with friends as part of our Tag-a-Brew tour, and we enjoyed ourselves so much! If you are a beer lover, it’s a fun way to brewery hop, and you can gather a collection of copper tags. My first experience with Tag-a-brew was years ago at another reception I photographed where they used their copper tags in their centerpieces. We weren’t collectors then, but its a fun way to relieve another enjoyable reception.