Let’s talk for a moment about the importance of the Family Photo Session.

As parents, we need to exist in photos.  It’s hard to do right?  We take the selfie, or the cell phone photo of the kids being cute.  To actually get everyone together, and allow someone else to take that image of you with the kids, it’s hard! We want to wait; until we have new outfits for everyone, or we’ve dropped that lingering 5 pounds.  But you know what? The kids love us just as we are, right now.  That’s pretty awesome right?  One day when they can’t see our faces every day, they will be so grateful that you took the time to get that session done.

Over the course of my photography career I’ve made it a point every year to do a family photo session.  It is so hard to be on the other side of the camera (so I feel your pain).  In the end, I always love the images.  I love looking back through the years and watching the kids grow.  I love seeing their personalities in each image, and watching as it changes year to year.  I treasure those photos.  I make a small album to go with each session and the other day I found my son sitting on the floor looking through one from a couple years ago and he was giggling at himself.  It melted my heart to see.  And I knew that I’d never stop having them taken year to year.

Let me say it again.  The family photograph is so important.  Lately I’ve been so blessed to meet a lot of extended families (inviting the grandparents and the rest of your siblings into the session).  These sessions are so fun.  I love watching the family dynamic of an extended family.  The cousins playing, the adult siblings joking together.  The pride of grandparents watching their family together.

So you ready?  Let’s get together and finally stop putting it off!!


Not sure what to wear to your family photo session? I have created a pinterest board to help with some ideas! Click here

There are two types of family sessions, the immediate family session and the extended family. Now a regular family session is like the ones you see above. You, your spouse and the kiddos. 

On the other hand, incorporating other generations makes for an even more special final product. Extended families are probably one of my most popular session lately. There has been an increased demand for capturing the grandparents with the grand-kids and all the grown siblings together. This session lasts longer than a regular family session. Usually about an hour. I always start with the whole group, in case all the kids melt down immediately after you at least have that great group shot. I like to do a nice traditional posed version and then some fun versions. From there we will break the group down into smaller groups. While I have a mental list I work off of, I am happy to do a mix that you would love to have!