I squished one last session in this fall, and we soaked up the gorgeous colors at Dodge Park in Sterling Heights. It’s a great park for a family to hang out at. If you haven’t been there, check it out sometime. There are walking paths, ducks to feed, and plenty of space to run and play. Even a few playgrounds, pavilions, and in the summer months you should check out their farmers market.

Sweet little Oliver is always outdoors, he loves to play in whatever nature provides him. So keeping him out of he leaves was the biggest challenge here. He was goofy, smiley, and couldn’t stop himself from repeatedly asking us to “bury him in the leaves”.

We spent our time playing, running around, and just letting him have fun. That, in my opinion creates the best family session memories. Looking back on your photos I want you to hear the kids laughing, their cute little voices asking you to come sit in the leaves. I know first hand how stressful family sessions can be on parents, particularly moms. So I try to take the heat off and just let the kids play, they always come back around, and if they are having fun, we’re all having fun.

At the end of our night together, Oliver found himself a bench in the middle of the park and told us to “sssssshhhhhhh, he was going to take a nap”. We all just stood there watching him stare at the sky and enjoy himself. His “nap” didn’t last long before he was ready to dive into a new pile of leaves. We played peek-a-boo around a tree, and even gathered up some sticks. Oliver of course had to have the biggest one, and he even made it take a nap with him.

Enjoy this Dodge Park family session, and head over there if you’ve never been! Maybe I’ll run into you!