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I have said it before, and I’ll never stop, these generational family sessions are one of my favorite outdoor sessions. I just adore working with big families. Getting to watch grandparents interact with grandkids, or even great-grandkids. It warms my heart to see everyone coming together to create these heirloom portraits for future generations.

Erin reached out to me to capture her family. From Great-Grandma down through the youngest members of the family all together. We chose this great field in Chesterfield, Michigan that just has great sunshine coming through the trees for the most perfect lighting. It’s a nice location for families with older members that can’t walk as far, or need something with shorter grasses.

A Generational family session always has so many posing options. And the more generations in attendance, the more we can accomplish. I’ve developed a pretty decent workflow over the years and keep it to about an hour. No matter the size of the family.

Above all, I like to start with the largest grouping first. Let’s be honest, that is the most important portrait we are creating. All those loving family members together. And in the case where little kids are involved, if everything falls apart, I want to know I have that big group tackled. In addition to the biggest group, I like to capture each family, each sibling set, cousins, and if time allows, each child on their own.

Fortunately for us, the two littles were so perfect and they really wanted to be part of it all. Even the littlest guy. He came in a little whiney and I thought “oh no”. But as soon as he was in front of my lens he busted out all his best smiles for us.

If you are thinking about booking a generational family session, please reach out to to get more details. I do outdoor sessions June-October, and I’d love the opportunity to serve your family in capturing these important heirlooms.