There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that makes me smile more than photographing a younger sibling of a past newborn. When mom and dad told me they’d welcomed another baby boy to their family, I was so excited to meet them. And to see his big brother Logan that I’d photographed just a year and a half ago.

Second babies. What can I say about them. I swear they have a serious case of the “need to be awake for everything”. As cute as Landon was, I saw more of his eyeballs than I’d normally prefer to. Thankfully, he was a pretty chill dude, so being awake wasn’t to hard to work with.

It doesn’t matter how cute big brother was. Every time I asked if he wanted to take a photo he adamantly said “no”. Toddlers are nothing if not honest right?

We eventually wore him down and he was perfectly amazing. The family photos are perfect, and capture crazy life with two littles.

Similar vs Different

I’m always torn between wanting to do a similar session setup to the big sibling, for sweet comparisons. And wanting to go wildly different to tell them apart at a glance. I think Landon’s session worked out perfectly. He was so cooperative for all of the things I had set out to tackle. And he did eventually fall asleep, it took a while, but he got there in the end. Once he was asleep we were able to cruise through his session in no time. Even when he did wake up he didn’t stay awake long. Babies lately have really been loving my little heater. A recent newborn family had one ordered before the end of their session!

I hope you enjoy Landon’s gallery, photographing a younger sibling comes with challenges but they are worth all the patience and effort. These are images you will treasure forever. The days go so fast, remembering your family at this time will forever be so important.

photographing a younger sibling
photographing a younger sibling
photographing a younger sibling