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A very long string of non-sleepy babies was broken today with this Novi Newborn session! Oh my gosh this adorable little girl was just what my studio needed. It has been a while since I wrapped up a full newborn session this quick. She was in an out of the studio in 2 hours.

Sweet little Maybelle was born to model. She came in asleep and went home asleep, never once batting an eyelash at all we did.

We started her session with some wrapped parent poses to make sure she was as sleepy as she looked. I kept that potato wrap on for a basket pose. She even snuggled with a cute little teddy bear.

I used a new vintage floral backdrop, and I have to say it’s one of my favorite new drops. I love it with this dusty mauve wrap and bonnet. Isn’t the whole setup just beautiful? An adorable baby on it is just icing on the cake!

Mom really wanted a variety of florals, and a range of color. We managed to tie it all in between the dark floral bucket, the green leave backdrop. I used a beautiful pink floral outfit on a new pink flokati. I’ve been wanting a new pink flokati. I used to have one that was very baby pink, and this is a gorgeous dusty pink. I love it so much, I’m excited to incorporate it into my newborn sessions.

From the props poses we moved into some table poses, using a pink floral backdrop for froggy and taco pose. Maybelle never cared one bit. She folded from one pose right into another without waking up.

I wanted to wrap her session up with a nice neutral. So we did bum up, and side lay on a simple cream textured drop. Once she nailed those I told her parents she was all done. And she was still so sound asleep! While I waited for them to grab me a diaper and her outfit to get her ready to go home, I glanced down and her. She naturally laid herself in this sweet relaxed pose, and I couldn’t resist grabbing a photo of her. She just looked so calm and relaxed like this. Of course, I was so addicted to how sleepy she was her sweet little hand had to be next. I love newborn fingernails and toe nails. Since her tiny little hand was just relaxed there, I took a moment to get a macro photo of it.

Aren’t these the sweetest Novi newborn session images? I can’t wait to share her family favorites with you!