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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Ok, I don’t know which part of this newborn session I enjoyed more, sweet little Margot, or her two siblings. Oh my goodness, they were just amazing.

Thanks to the world pandemic, and my husband getting sick I had to split the session into two parts which is not my norm. But it was a pleasant way to do a newborn session. One morning we did all of Margot’s solo session. Her mom got to come to the studio and hang out without the kiddos, and then the whole family came back a few days later to do the sibling and family portion.

Margot was just a sleepy little button, she didn’t complain or fuss. She just snoozed her session away and I got all her solo shots done so fast, and sent her on her way home.

I never know what I’m going to get when it comes to newborn siblings. They are going through a big change in life, a crying baby that doesn’t want to play at all. Mom and Dad are now splitting their time differently and doting on the new little one. Nights are interrupted now. But these two. Boy oh boy, they adored their little sitter. They argued over who got to snuggle her more. It was the cutest thing to watch and I just enjoyed having them at the studio so much!

I hope to see Margot in 6 months for her sitter session!