I might have peaked in my career today, kidding, but I did get to dress a newborn in a lion outfit. And I’m still giggling about it. When Leo’s parents came in for their consultation they mentioned that his nursery was lion kind themed. As soon as they left my studio I went on the hunt for a lion outfit fit for the king of the jungle. Lucky for me, I found this adorable outfit from Modest Little Me. I ordered it and hoped it would be here in time for his session.

Like most of my newborn sessions we kicked it off with parent photos. Then I took the potato wrap I use in parent poses and brought it into the first couple props. I did a traditional potato sack pose, on a flokati rug. And what we call blanket tower or willy wonka depending on who you are asking and how they were trained. The key difference between them is blanket tower is usually a laid down potato wrap on a solid backdrop. Willy wonka has a layer draped over the top of the baby. It is typically photographed as just the upper half of baby.

Then came the moment of truth. My initial plan was to put the newborn in a lion outfit and have him laying in a bed prop. But at the last moment I decided I really wanted to try a froggy pose. This was truly the best part of the session. The heater fan that I keep on the table to help babies stay warm, was blowing the fuzz around on the lion bonnet. Honestly it made me giggle so hard. It was like a slow motion movie clip of Fabio with his hair blowing in the wind. If you don’t know who Fabio is, well, clearly I’m old. Google him.

I did get the bed pose as well, and it was perfection. His parents absolutely loved the lion outfit at their ordering appointment.

The rest of Leo’s session went pretty normal. Dad was in the military so they brought in his dog tags for me to incorporate. As well as a couple of small flags, one American flag, and one Albanian flag, for each of his parents. I broke out the moon prop, which I don’t use all that often. In the end it was an adorable session, Leo was perfection and I loved every pose he did, but mostly the lion outfit were my favorite.

I truly can’t wait to show you the images his parents picked for their final gallery. If you go through these and find you have the urge to pur your newborn in a lion outfit, feel free to reach out! Let’s create magic!