Ok, let’s talk about the cutest little newborn astronaut to ever come into the studio. When Mom and Dad came in for their initial planning consultation, mom casually said that dad liked space. Turns out he’s got a sleeve tattoo of an astronaut in space getting pulled through a black hole. I loved having the space theme in various photos, between dad/baby, and this adorable little setup I created for Harrison, it tied his gallery together nicely.

Of course, when they left their consultation I immediately got to work. I headed to Etsy and Facebook to search for vendors to make the pieces I needed. I knew I wanted a newborn astronaut outfit, a rocket ship and planets. But I didn’t want anything to realistic, I wanted felted pieces like others that I just love to incorporate into all my sessions.

I started with hunting down this adorable little felted rocket for him to snuggle up with. This piece arrived quickly and it’s so adorable!

Next I went for the planets. I found them on Restless Needles page. Now, it’s totally adorable in person, and if you were using it for a mobile as it’s designed to be, it’s the perfect addition to a little astronaut’s bedroom. I however had to cut it up into a couple pieces to spread the planets out a little more.

Finally was the outfit. Now this I had to turn to Facebook for. I had seen a vendor in one of my many photography groups. And it didn’t disappoint. The sweet little newborn astronaut outfit and helmet came from The Knitting Bitty. She has some of the cutest little outfits. It’s inspired me for future sessions, I need some babies to come in that want unique setups!

I’m so excited, tell me what you think of this little newborn astronaut setup!