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I started this year off with Hayden back at the studio to celebrate her first birthday with a Mt Clemens cake smash Session! For you parents out there, it’s so cliché to say it, but that first year really does fly by in a whirlwind doesn’t it?

cake smash photography

I love hearing parents talk about all the awesome milestones they’ve witnessed over the last 12 months. How in awe you are of the amazing things this little human you made can do. From sleeping through the night (come on, let’s admit, this is a nice one), to rolling over, first foods, maybe even the first word.

It’s been a great year. And all the worry, pains, tears, and sleepless nights are worth it.

Hayden brought her serious game to the session, I wasn’t sure at first I’d crack her. We tried all the silly tricks to get a smile, but she was not sure about it. We got this tiny little smirk, but then that was all. I remained hopeful that a smile was coming though.

macomb cake smash photography

She finally started warming up to us, and I knew it was going to be a success. It’s hard to remind parents that your sweet smiley little 12 month old might not smile at the studio. It’s all so new, and they are unfamiliar. There’s stranger danger, naps are changing, teeth are coming in, so many factors can play a roll. So I am always happy with a serious face, it’s better than tears. Which also happen!

cake smash photography

Hadley couldn’t wait to dive in. She was cautious at first, of course had to do some quality control checks, little samples here and there. But once she had some sugar in her bloodstream she didn’t hold back. That cake was yummy and she wasn’t going to be lady like about it! Enjoy these photos of Hadley at her Mt Clemens Cake smash Session!

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cake smash session
macomb cake smash session
mt clemens cake smash session toes covered in cake
mt clemens cake smash photographer