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Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity Photography

Maddex was at the studio recently to wrap up his Grow With Me Plan, that means he’s a year old and we did his Mt Clemens Cakesmash. He is a returning newborn client, and he was as sweet at 1 year as he was at his newborn session.

It’s always so nice to see past newborns and their parents. I love hearing stories of how the first year is going. We think the kids change to much, but we change so much too!

Maddex is such a ladies man, he had all the cute looks. He was shy, silly, charming, just an all around doll! He has the best chubby cheeks and smiled non stop. We giggled, tickled and then dove into a cake! Maddex’s parents chose an Itsy Bitsy Spider theme for his session. He totally loved his cake, not so much eating it, but he definitely did love playing in it.

I’m working my way towards a more simple cakesmash setup. The themes are hard to design these days, and even harder to store. I’ve been feeling like it just takes so much of our attention away from the cute little birthday kids. But, for now while I’m still offering themes, I will enjoy. My cake lady Amber (you can find her on Facebook here) and I spent a lot of time trying to get the look of the cake just right. I think she did such a great job on it.

Enjoy his cake smash session here!

Mt Clemens Cakesmash 1 year old boy, white bedding
Mt Clemens Cakesmash Photographer boy with itsy bitsy spider cake, clouds, rain
Mt Clemens Cakesmash Photographer boy with itsy bitsy spider cake