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Milestones at 1.5 years are a complicated mess of kids running around everywhere. The cute little Delilah that once sat so still was everywhere all at once. She had a mind of her own, how she wanted to sit, what chair she wanted to sit on. Where she wanted the chair that she wanted to sit on! And if we didn’t do it her way, boy oh boy did we get scolded!! 18 month old’s, am I right?

Delilah has turned into a big girl since last time I saw her. She’s lost that baby look in her face, and is lightening fast. She knows what she wants, and what she finds funny.

She’s a climber, and was fascinated with my step stool. Every time we got her to sit down she would get up and run over to climb the steps. That was all she wanted, and again, I got scolded by her when I put it away where she couldn’t see it.

She was pretty fascinated climbing up and down the couch. Every time she was successful she would turn around and clap for herself. No one is a bigger cheerleader than a toddler, they love when we clap for them. So that is exactly what we did. Encouraged her to explore and have fun, and just be herself. I took photos along the way, but mostly just enjoyed watching her learn about her surroundings.

When you come in for those milestones at 1.5 years, be patient, be a cheerleader, and be prepared to be bossed around by your toddler! It’s ok, and we are going to embrace a lot more movement in your photos, they are everywhere all at once. And that is ok! I can’t wait to meet your little one, and become part of their cheer squad.