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When Sara told me she wanted to do her maternity session in a river, I set out to find the perfect location to match her vibe. Sara is a very natural, earthy person. She always sticks with creams and beautiful soft neutrals in her galleries. So I went trekking through more than one river to see which was my favorite one for her.

I landed on Linden Park in Bloomfield Hills, the water was shallow enough for her two young kids to walk in, but deep enough to give us a good amount of water on the bottom of their clothes.

So I had two spots I wanted to take them, it was a quick walk down the path to the furthest one, I wanted the light to hit us in this spot just right. It started out pretty hidden but then it came out in full force, and I could see the magic happening.

Sara and Thomas are raising two of the sweetest little humans. I’ve been photographing this family since their daughter was born. She’s 4 now and I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when they don’t need me anymore. They are near and dear to my heart. I met them when I still worked out of my house, and have moved with me twice to various studios. I just treasure my time with them.

Trish came with me so I could photograph just mom and dad without worrying that the kids were alone in the river, or they were running off down the path. I wanted to make sure Sara and Thomas could enjoy themselves and not have to worry about the kiddos. Trish as always was amazing, she raced up and down the path with them, she let them put their toes in and splash around. She even took them on an adventure to find the fairy garden we spotted in the trees. They were in good hands, and Sara could enjoy herself. It makes a big difference in your portraits.

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