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If you asked my favorite part of the complimentary studio maternity session, I would have a hard time answering that. I never loved photographing maternity sessions. But these have really inspired me to push myself to make my maternity sessions something I am proud of. I want to show moms they are beautiful at a time of life where they might feel tired, swollen, sore, and generally emotional.

I love having you at the studio to ooh and ahhh over all the itty bitty baby stuff. But mostly I love hanging out with other moms. We chat about life, pregnancy, newborns, if you have older kids I love to hear about them. It’s just nice to talk with like minded people. Plus I get to distract you from the nerves of being in front of the camera. Before you know it I’m all done, and your session flew by. I hope it helps you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I always thought I really loved the newborn session the most, but this style of maternity sessions have stolen a piece of my heart. I love hearing the unique journey that brought you to this place. If you dreamed of being a mom, if it took you by surprise, if you struggled to become a mom.

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